Favorite Posts

Buried in my archive are a number of posts that I really love; some are sentimental, others are posts that represent significant thought or lots of blood, sweat and tears.

This is a collection of my favorite posts, also probably some of the most important information I've posted over the last two years.

About Me

Residency, Schmesidency: why I am going to school, what kind of program I'm in, etc.  Click here to read my posts from my first residency in Palm Springs.
What I Wore: some of the more significant outfits in my life.
Dear you, is a letter to you, my blog reader.
Why I Write and Introducing PDawg are posts about what motivates me to write and blog.
What I Won't Write About is my list of two blogging rules.
High School, Hair, and Henry is about how I felt about myself in high school
A letter to my 16 year old self is the advice I would give myself with hindsight.
School Days: Be Real is a post about an encounter with a teacher that shaped my life.
School Days: Books explains why I love my favorite author, Barbara Kingsolver.
Q and A: Teaching answers all the FAQs I get about teaching and my career.
In plie but not in life (yet), one of my first posts about working on myself, my anxiety, my perfectionism, my life.
Not Pregnant is a post about not being pregnant.  It's from a time in my life when we weren't sure if we were done having kids.  We are done now, but it's an emotional thing.
Is it breaking "the girl code" to blog about a massage? is a post about the best massage, ever, in Maui last Spring.  I just really like it.  I worked hard on the post.
When is pretend, not? is a post about a rough decision I had to make at work and my struggle over it.
Tough and Light and Shade are two posts about losing a former student, and my attempts to process it.
2009 Reflection Questions reflect one difficult year.
2010 Reflection Questions show that our lives have been steadily improving.
Blog-o-Rama 2.0 is my first post on this blog.  I keep it around as a reminder of how miserable I was so I remember how lucky I am now.


Trepidity, only NOT with all that negative connotation is the post I wrote when E (who I was separated from) asked me to reconsider divorce and go to a program called Retrouvaille.
Our Retrouvaille Weekend is about what that was like.  On Trust: more notes from Retrouvaille.
Mmm, Spaghetti shows my continuing struggle to understand how we perceive the world differently.
vroom is just a fun post about going for a motorcycle ride together.
(re)married(? was something I asked myself if we should "get" when we returned from Retrouvaille. 
May Sestina is a poem about our then-planned vow renewal to end our separation and make a new commitment.
Beautiful Day is a post about our vow renewal, and Vows is the post where I included our new  vows to each other.
The Day Has No Power was a post I wrote in 2010 as I reexamined Valentines' Day in light of reality and our former separation. 
How We Met is about high school love.
This Thing is about doing difficult things because you're the parents.
On this anniversary, a letter to our family: was written on the tenth anniversary of the (first) day we got married.
The Big News is about the day we found out that E passed the CA state Bar exam and It's different after today is about his swearing in as an attorney.

The Kids

Achievement was a post I wrote about them in 2011 when they each passed a milestone.
What's in a name? is the explanation of how we named our children.
Pantoum for Hank is a funny poem about Henry being a punk. 
Sonnet for Adele was written the day that Addie learned to read in her head (rather than out loud).
Hank: The Story is his birth story.
Sunny Side Up is Addie's birth story.

Running and Health

Just (hopefully) do it -- the first day I ever went on a run.  Ever.
My First Half Marathon (2009) was a huge accomplishment.
Firsts was the first day I went on a run with a friend.
My Second Half Marathon (2010) was another huge accomplishment. 
Run for fitness, eat for weight loss is my food and fitness strategy.

Opinions and Advice

Should you go into teaching?
Unsolicited Advice: College
Unsolicited Advice: Babies
Unsolicited Advice: Writing
Unsolicited Advice: Crochet
Making it work after work--how I mother and work and stay awake all day.
Redefining Mondays


On seeing to write
My mom is pretty cool.  This post is about one of my favorite things she used to do.
Thoughts on Disneyland. Because I love it, okay?
Crochet Pattern is the best crochet pattern you could ever make.  Swear.
My Parents' Condo in Maui is AWESOME.  Rent it.
Snapshot of the morning you were born is about the day my niece was born.
Grains of sand and Walking are about my mentor and good friend, K.