Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Day in Ireland

Took a day off from writing yesterday because I was out trying to soak up the last little bits of the city. Also, I didn't think I took any pictures. I was wrong.

In the morning we got on one of those hop-on-hop-off buses and rode it to the Guinness brewery at St. James. I'm torn about it. It was slick, but it was a really slick advertisement. They have done a good job of convincing you that Guinness is something very speical. And they built a very special building around that idea. Very high tech. Smooth. Like Disney designed it. But still a good time, especially getting to fool around with the taps. I also really enjoyed the gravity bar at the top of the thing, because the views of the city were amazing.

On our driving tour we saw a lot of Dublin. Since what I knew about Dublin before going is exactly zero, I was pleasantly surprised by what we saw on the tour, specifially the churches and the bits of city wall and castle. (Did you know they filmed a lot of The Tudors in Dublin?) After we finished our Guinness experience, I decided to go on by myself. I wanted to finish the tour and have the afternoon alone in the city. I picked up lunch at a market, went back to the room to FaceTime E and the kids, and then I headed out in search of a cafe where I could sit and people-watch. And city-watch. And write.

I spent a lot of time wandering, and one of the places I wandered past was The Bailey. Since today is Bloomsday (big James Joyce thing), it was already the place to be yesterday--the day before. Too crowded for my tastes, but I was happy to see it. I wandered a few blocks over and found a tiny table where I could sip my cappucchino, nibble on my pain au chocolat, and write down a few thoughts in my journal about what I've thought of Ireland. The stillness of the afternoon was welcome, and the cappucchino was delicious.

Dinner was Mexican(ish) food in St. Stephens Green, and we had a nice after-dinner stroll and one last toast in the pub before we had to head back to the rooms to pack. We were headed for London...

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