Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Around the Ring of Kerry

Raindrops are fallin' on my lens...

We started today with a big breakfast at our B&B, Hawthorne House, in Kenmare. After we were all properly caffeinated, we took off for the Ring of Kerry, a loop around a peninsula on the southwest shore of Ireland. Most of the beginning of our drive was through the dense growth of the mountains. The roads are narrow and as you drive along them, you barely squeak by anyone coming the opposite direction.

The drive along the coast gave us plenty of opportunities to stop and take pictures. The first town was called Sneem. Sneem. For the love of Pete, you can't make up a name as good as Sneem. (And we drove past a place called Letterfinish this morning. Don't even get me started.) We stopped at Staigue Fort, another of the round ring farmyards that are all over this island. Just as we got to the water, the sun came out and was out for the better part of the day. The water was a dark blue and all the shades of green in the bright sun were so bright. I don't have words.

I didn't get a good photo of it, but we were just inland of Skellig Michael. Super cool.

(Also, this trip is making me say "super cool" a lot. Maybe too much.)

Our last stop was at some more cliffs (the Cliffs of Kerry? I'm not sure they had a name that I saw). More beautiful views, and then a drive back to Kenmare, kebabs in the park at the town center, and now I'm turning in early because tomorrow there's MORE IRELAND.

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