Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another day, another castle.


Almost perfectly labeled cokes at Hawthorne House.

Kenmare market. Bread. Cheese. Sardines.

Blarney Castle, kissing the Blarney Stone, and driving on to our next stop.

Kenmare was adorable and completely worth a two-night stay. I love the little shops and pubs lining the streets and the hanging flower baskets. This morning we visited the market in the town center, met an old hippie from California selling his honey, bought some french bread, apples, and cheese, and picked through mountains of Kenmare lace.

After checking out, we drove to Blarney. Touristy? Yes. Guess what? Still fun. And another gigantic castle. So we climbed up inside. I tried to convince myself that if it hasn't come tumbling down yet, today was not going to be the day it did. (Not sure why I never thought about how you get up to the top of those hulking stone structures, either. I'm not a huge fan of the narrow, winding staircases, but they're kind of amazing. Today we got stuck behind a tour group in the Blarney castle, so I spent some time taking conscious breaths until we could move again. Yeesh. They didn't really offer a lot in the way of spacious stairs when they were building these things.) Blarney, like so many other castles here, is a mishmash of architectural styles. There's a round tower, some squarish looking Lego stuff (technical term) and a bunch of gothic additions on one side. Crazytown. And crazy all of these things are still standing, right?

Once we were up there, we each took our turn kissing the Blarney Stone. YIKES. Let's not talk about the possible mouth viruses that I could have been inviting... I was more worried about the open hole beneath my head that looked all the way down to the ground. Do you see the top of this castle? It's a long-ass way from the ground. (And I did a big smackeroo of Purel just after to get the yuckies off. Does that make it better?)

From Blarney we hopped back in the car, and we were on to our next stop. Another castle for tomorrow.

Is this real life?

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