Monday, May 26, 2014

Chopped: Sodium Edition

I watch Chopped with my kids all the time. They're crazy for the gross-out ingredients and they like to practice throwing baby shade.

The other night (inspired by a commercial featuring something similar, I'm sure), they told me and E that they wanted us to compete against each other in a home version of the TV show.

E bailed, saying he didn't know enough about things unrelated to the grill/smoker.

So last night when he was at softball practice, I accepted a solo Chopped challenge. I let the kids choose any four ingredients they wanted. Henry declared himself Ted.

Here's what they picked for me to use. I like to call it Chopped, Sodium Edition (aka all the things they like in the world/ things that should hold no place on a plate together). To wit: "Really, you guys? Peanut butter and Cream of Mushroom soup?"


I decided to play to the judges. Make things I know they're into. Rice and broccoli score big points around here with the under-12 set.

My dish (this was the entree round, Henry decided, since we don't have an ice cream machine):


Cheesy broccoli with a tangy peanut butter dipping sauce.
Cheese cracker-crusted stroganoff over white rice.

Not a nutritional powerhouse, but edible.

There's no way to end this that isn't sappy, so I'll just tell you what really happened. Henry tried each thing and then ran away to his room for a minute. Then he handed me a $10 bill. "I'm sorry I don't have this times a thousand, Mom. You win."

Of course I gave the prize back. Competition aside, I'd won before we even started.

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  1. I'm impressed! That dish looks delish. I will have to do something like that with my boys - they'd love it.