Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jazz Potatoes


Henry: (Running over, holding a watermelon) Can we get it? A personal watermelon? I think we need a personal watermelon!

Me: Bud, I--

Addie: It's not in season.

Me: Right, it's not in season, that's what I was going to say.

Addie: It's not in season, so it will be too expensive and it won't even taste good.

Me: I guess my work here is done.


Henry: Can I get Cocoa Pebbles?

Me: Not today, only because they're not on sale. You can get the Froot Loops. We'll just tell Dad it was too good a deal and we had to get them instead of a healthy cereal because they were so cheap.

Henry: Swag.

Me: (laughing) Swag?

Addie: Yeah, he's saying that now. He did something and he was like, (head nod) "Swag!"

Me: Um.

Henry: Yeah. (Nods.)

Addie: But then he was like, "wait, are we not supposed to say 'swag'? Is it bad?"


Addie: (dancing)

Me: Feeling dancy?

Addie: Yeah. The grocery store just makes me want to dance.

Me: Me too, kinda.

Addie: I just can't help it. There's all this jazzy music, and these (looks around) jazzy potatoes.

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