Thursday, January 23, 2014

You know, whatever else.


Yesterday's existential, laundry-related angst is purged. Let's talk about some of the ways I've been spending my time lately. Cool? Cool.

Once again, I am a slow, slow runner.


I mean, that pic doesn't even prove run in the active sense of the verb. Well, that last one was a run. But my body, moving through space, you guys! With the breathing, and the heart pumping and all that. It can't be not good, even when the seniors on the treadmills next to me are matching my pace. Fitness.

WHAT I'M SAYING IS, I'LL GET BETTER. I hope to just be moderately slow again soon so I can run some more slow races.

Hey, we have a new nephew.


Watching the kids do the whole I want to hold him but I'm scared to hold him thing completely melts my heart. (Don't worry, we stayed close to Henry, especially.)

Speaking of Henry, one of my favorite activities lately is trying to interpret his iMessages. The kid has an iPod, and has found emoji, so most of what he sends are riddle-like chains of drawings. I'll get texts like: pig, cow, up arrow, turtle, chicken. Mom, do you get it?

Usually I do not get it. But it cracks me up trying to figure it out. And sometimes it doesn't mean anything, he just likes how it looks. Respect.

This past weekend he started sending pictures.


Right. Of course you are. (I like that you can see our blue ceiling in his pics, too.)

Also fun: Sending him the "did you do your homework?" face from a remote location.


In the category of WHAT?!: Did you know you can make ice cream in your blender? Because: Hello. That happened.


Yes to books with pages. But also yes to this:


Yes forever.

And THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS, E is done doing whatever it was that he has been doing on his old car for the last few months that made this noise:

ALL THE TIME WITH THAT NOISE. Because that has been playing nights and weekends 'round here, and YIKES. Not the best writing environment. Not the best being environment. Just yikes.

Two final details:

1. I've decided that carrying my space heater around with me at work is the way to go. Then, even if I have to leave my classroom, I take my own warm.


2. Car is the new office.


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