Saturday, December 07, 2013

In Which I Do This for the Last Time | Day 2

Day 2. Orientation time, which means the new students all have to stand up and answer an embarrassing question in front of the whole school. Two observations:

1) When did our school get so big? Somehow, it's huge.
2) Once again, I am thankful not to be new (i.e. to not have to stand up and answer any kind of question in front of anyone).


I was late to orientation, a clear sign that I am on my way out. I had a chair in the back like the ne'er do well I've become.

I didn't realize until Tod, our director, pointed it out this morning that we've never had to wear name tags or lanyards, but I found myself feeling really good about the school I chose for my MFA, if only just for that.

It is also becoming apparent to me that this is going to be a week of light blog posts. There's going to be a lot of " then I had free time." Like this morning, for example. I signed up for my meetings with the editors who read 50 pages of my thesis, but then I went back to my room to take care of some odds and ends during the first lecture.

Just because. And it was this kind of day:


A little drizzly, mostly cold, and not Palm Springsy.

After lunch I had the first of my meetings with editors, and like every other meeting I've ever had here, it turned out to be (hey!) not quite as bad as I imagined it would be. We had to submit 50 pages of our manuscript--that's two short stories for me--and we're getting feedback on those 50 pages from two editors and two agents this week. I had a lovely meeting and the world did not stop turning. It seems I am capable of writing things and then talking to other humans about those things. Who knew.

Afternoon was more doing of stuff (when did I ever go to workshop before? I have so much to do!) and a run through for a friend who is grad lecturing tomorrow. After her practice, I attended the real live lecture of the fabulous Mickey Birnbaum and then I had a meeting with the lovely Stacy Bierlein of the Coachella Review. So. It ended up being a busy one, for a not so busy one.

And now I'm tired.

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