Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Buried Under Notebooks, etc.

Before I forget, let's talk about this amazeballs new recipe I just made: Broccoli White Bean Sausage Soup. So good. Even when you make it on a day that's 104 degrees, as I did yesterday.

I have to remember to start checking the weather before I plan my dinner menu for the week.

So, anyway, why am I not writing anything here lately? Well, mostly because I was buried underneath all of these notebooks all day Saturday:


Yeah. My goal this year? Don't work as hard as I've been working. That way I can get my thesis written and graduate.

Reality (so far): So far I appear to be working harder than I've worked in a long time.

I have a feeling I'm going to accidentally be the best I've ever been, this year. Crap. Because I can't not, you know? I don't know how.


a) Teaching a new subject = up all night the night before I lecture on something, prepping lessons
b) Working with a more challenging set of kids = lots and lots of management happening ALL DAY
c) Wanting to use all my AVID strategies in the classroom = having to up my game, on the regular
d) New schedule = I am running in circles every day and teaching an extra class two days a week

The thing is, all of this is for good. (Well, the jury is still out on that whole "teaching an extra class" thing.) But I am so tired by the end of the night that I can still barely lift my hands to the keyboard.

You can see how this will work out nicely when I'm putting together A120 PAGE BOOK BY NOVEMBER 15, RIGHT? Sigh.

There's just a lot on my mind.

In addition to those things:


One day last week I wore a shirt over a dress and I tried to pretend like that was a thing.


Another day I did manage to get to work early, I dropped a vase, it shattered, slicing open my two big toes. Blood and glass everywhere. Ta-da: PDawg.


Saturday I also got out of bed early, did my makeup in the parking lot of a Hometown Buffet (it's behind the salon), got my roots fixed, drove home, and took a selfie. There you go, America. From Fraggle Rock to Not Tragic in less than three hours.


These two are good. As always.

I'm taking this weekend to do a little solo writing vacation. Something I've never done before, but I need to sit down and spread out my drafts and not be able to allow myself any kind of distraction. I have five weeks until draft one of my thesis is due, so this weekend is going to be a time of assessment, to see what I have, and planning to see where I need to go in the next month or so. I can't do anything--obviously--without a plan that's broken up into smaller, manageable chunks. So this weekend I'll be creating a month of weekly (maybe daily?) writing tasks for myself that will get me to that October 15th deadline of my first draft. I'm nervous about it, but also kind of excited to look at everything I've produced, all together. I've been putting that part of the job off for a long time. This weekend is my chance to tackle it, and to have some quiet time to myself to stay in my own head about writing.

So that should be fun.

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