Sunday, August 04, 2013

Truck & Raisin's Excellent Adventure

I could have written this post last night between the hours of 3:00 and 4:30 AM. I was awake, thanks to my stomach's decision to be a total douche about digesting fried food (methinks this means I am an old person, now) and go the whole "let's do indigestion when we could be sleeping" route. But instead of getting up and writing, I just lay in bed and steeped in my anger real good. That might not have been healthy, but it sure felt right.

Yesterday we did three things. Wait. Four things. WE DID ALL THE THINGS. But yesterday was fun, all of it. And strange, in parts. So by the time last night I saw a fifteen year old boy in skinny jeans wearing furry wolf ears and, yes, a big, fat, furry wolf tail that went all the way down to his ankles, I smiled and was like, huh.

So anyway. Yesterday. Henry boy had a baseball game in the morning and he rocked it. Like, I'm not sure what happened between our last game of the season where I was writing about how we were not good but we had heart, and August, but the boy has gained some confidence. (And also? Not to be overlooked? My longer attention span at the game and my correct use of the term RBI in conversation. Thank you.) I cannot believe that ol' Hanko has matured so much between May and August, nor has he been running daily drills or anything, but the boy had a great day. He played first base almost the whole game, made a great out at first, and got two base hits. Easily the best game he's ever had. And fun to watch.

We raced home, post-game, to take showers, because we were a family of filthy people who needed to get clean before we headed to our next destination: a family reunion for E's mom's family. Just as Henry jumped in the shower, I realized that I hadn't planned anything to take with us, side-dish wise. Veggie garden to the rescue. I threw together a salad of things strictly from my garden, we all got clean, and we headed to Roseville for the thing.

The reunion was really nice, and it was great to see a bunch of extended family that we haven't seen since probably just after Addie was born. And when I say "a bunch," I'm not exaggerating. E's family alone is (I think) over 30 people when it's just us, so you add in a few more branches and this thing was huge. We were in a really nice park with lots of shade and a huge play structure for the kids. We had a great time sitting around, eating and catching up. And this is true even though religion, politics, and DNA/ personal and biological information collection conspiracies were topics of conversation within the first five minutes we got there. You gotta love people.

After the reunion wrapped up and we did all our hugs goodbye, we decided our day wasn't full enough, so we took the kids over to Nordstrom because the shoes they wanted for school were on sale. Of course they both ended up choosing new shoes that were not on sale, but what are you gonna do. We met up with E's cousin Kev and took the kids to Dave and Busters for a night of fried food and video games (hence my late night good-timey rock-n-roll stomach thing). Kev was visiting from Southern California all week and the kids adore him. He nicknamed Addie "Truck" shortly after she was born, and Henry subsequently earned the nickname "Raisin." For no good reason other than silliness, and that just makes them love him even more. So Truck, Raisin, E, H, and Kev had a great night playing arcade games and Skee-Ball. And we saw Wolf Boy.

And THEN on the way home, we saw a DeLorean on the freeway. Boom. Excellent.

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