Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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Sometimes you just need to put on your sister's hat, grab your puppy and your blanket, and go read in the (dry) bathtub. At least, Henry did after school today. When I came home I heard him call hello from the bathroom and I saw legs and a splinted arm sticking up from the tub. He took his Lego clock in there with him so he'd know how long to read.

I'm so sad that he's not going to be eight forever.

Don't get too excited, though. He didn't dream this one up on his own. His reading log for this year includes all kinds of silly tasks (like bathtub reading with silly hats) and his sister did the same thing when she had this same teacher.

Of course, Henry seems to be embracing the assignment and making it his own, to absolutely nobody's surprise.

(He isn't reading upside down--it's a two-fer and it has one book on each half.)


Addie chose a more traditional work station for her homework. Looks like we're officially into our routine.


Except for this. He's out for the rest of the summer season. He got whacked with a bat playing catcher on Saturday and for a little while we thought his elbow might be broken. Thankfully, it's not, but he can't move his arm so well and it's very swollen so they're keeping him splinted. And no more ball. Poor guy.

Sports are more of a "thing" around here than they have ever been. In fact, sports right now are more of a thing than they've ever been in my life, period. In high school I was too busy doing pliĆ©s and pirouettes and scrunching my leg warmers into exactly the right state of "look how hard I didn't try" scrunch to be paying attention to anything sporty. I missed out on developing whatever that human quality is where you understand why people like to spend their time watching other guys and girls toss a ball around. Or where you learn why tossing a ball around might, like, not be torture for you. I think I was daydreaming about the choreography to Vivaldi's The Four Seasons the day they taught that and I missed it. This is also like math, honestly. I don't understand it so I avoid it. But anyway. Sports. Henry's been playing summer baseball, E just started up another round of softball, and Addie starts swim team clinics in a week or so.


You really wouldn't think I was a person with a PE credential, would you?

But the truth is that I'm excited for all of them, and though I'm never going to be one of those moms yelling at the ump (YUCK) during my kid's baseball game, at least now I feel like I can follow along. I'm steeling myself for the whole swim thing. I hear it's a whole other deal. But again, I'm excited for Ad. She loves to swim and this is going to be really good for her.

So now that Henry's out, we'll continue to go and cheer on his team and then we'll go and cheer on E's team, and we'll go and watch Ad swim her little swimmies off.


Other things: My garden is craze amaze, just when I don't have any time to take care of it. I basically leave it alone, let the sprinklers water it every day, and then go out there once a week and rip stuff out that makes me angry. Sorry 'bout that, zucchini plant. You were getting too big for your own good, anyway. But everything is growing like mad, and we're enjoying so much late summer produce. Having a garden is the best.

Plus, it makes me giggle.


There's not a lot I can say about this that's going to be appropriate, so I'll keep it short. This is a cucumber that had kind of a growth issue.

Didn't think it was possible to love snail mail any more than I already did...  once again my pen pals prove me wrong. Emile FTW with my first (ever!) typewriter-typed letter. Why is everything better when it's typed on an old typewriter? #happy #1941Roya

I came home to this other happy surprise (above)--a typed letter. Typed on a 1941 typewriter. Sigh. I love mail, but today I discovered that typed mail--typewriter typed mail--is a whole new level of awesome.  It feels classic and old-fashioned in the best of ways.

I haven't been great about writing letters in the last few weeks, but they drift in every few days from my pen pals and they're the best. I love that this is a thing we're doing while I'm in my MFA program. And I know that it will be something I look back on and go of course we did that, of course we were so enamored with words that we had to put them in envelopes and send them to each other all the time, but that makes them even more perfect. That's enriching my MFA/grad school/ college-that-I-never-had-in-college-but-am-having-now experience even more.

I even like the slow pace of it--the fact that news and thoughts that move by letter are not as fast as those on social media. I love that there's a thing that you get to keep, a record of someone thinking of you. I'm so sentimental. Such a collector of words. Plus who doesn't love that moment when you sort through the bills and see a letter from a friend?

Nobody. That feeling of carrying a letter that's for you back into the house so you can read it is perfection.

I like to think of this as our slow words movement. Like the slow food movement. There's something glorious about slowing down, yes?

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