Saturday, August 03, 2013


remembering that I have a blog. Oops. I think the same thing happened last year when I went to Yosemite, too. I unplugged, then I sort of remained unplugged. I always find that my sleep schedule gets reset by the more sunlight-driven thing I'm on there, too (which proves you right, NPR). Not that I mind any of that. Lest you think I've been sitting on my back porch, cross-legged, meditating all week, I'll set you straight: I've mostly been running the kids around here and there. But as I did that, I somehow kept up a bit of a technology fast.

gearing up for some family sports time. First, another round of Henry baseball. The boy is playing summer ball this year, which I hope is not synonymous with melting-in-the-August-heat ball. He's happy to be playing again, and that makes us happy. We're also getting ready for E to start another round of his adult softball league--this time he formed his own team--so that will be good too, when the games don't overlap with Henry's. And we're hoping to get Roo into fall swim clinics this week for the swim team. So, yeah. Our calendar is filling up. And--oh yeah--school is in two weeks.

coming to terms with the fact that my Addie Marie, my Roodle Doo, my Funschkie Bear who in my mind some days is still all of two years old, is about to start sixth grade. And as of this week, has her own cell phone. Yeesh. I mean, she's awesome and we wanted her to have it so we can coordinate rides and such... She's so responsible, and this is the next step, you know, in the trusting and the giving of opportunities to show she can be trusted. But yeesh.

still laughing about Henry's latest confession. He'd been working up to it for about three days, and by the time he came to tell me about it the other night, it was really bothering him. It went something like this:

Me: Dude, what is bothering you?
Henry: I did something at school. I knew it wasn't good.
Me: And it's still bothering you? Was it really bad?
Henry: Kinda. Well, I think.
Me: Just tell me what you did
Henry: Well, I pushed Addie in line.
Me: Don't talk to me at the end of summer about 'you pushed Addie in line.' What's really wrong?
Henry: Well, I also told this one kid I had a spider bite in my armpit.
Me: Well, did you?
Henry: Yeah.
Me: DUDE. These are not things to be worried about. What's really wrong?
Henry: Well, there is this other thing.
Me: Yeah. What did you do? Just tell me, honey.
Henry: I'm not sure what made me do it.
Me: What, Buddy.
Me: [laughing] I know what made you do it.
Henry: [smiling] You do?
Me: Yeah, that's FUNNY. But it is NOT APPROPRIATE.
Henry: I drew it in a toilet. And I wrote "poop" next to it real small. Rohan was like "what's pop?"
Me: [still laughing] You can not do that, okay? You're going to get other people in trouble if you draw poop in their notebooks. And you're going to get in trouble if it's in yours.
Henry: [laughing] It was funny.
Me: Do you feel better now that you finally told me?
Henry: Yeah.

feeling like the biggest idiot for not figuring out the simplest thing so much sooner. For at least a year, I've been making fritatta (basically just baked omlets) for breakfast because I figured out that if I eat some protein and some veggies, I feel better in the morning. And eggs are pretty easy. If you make a frittata, you just put the whole pan in the oven, and boom, you're done. BUT IT JUST GOT EASIER.

Why, oh why, did I never know/think/realize that I could just make the damn eggs in my microwave in a mug? No pan to clean, no oven to deal with, no waiting. I swear, sometimes I am completely dense. Of course microwaved eggs are not as good as a frittata. But most of the time, I'm so short on time. And microwaved eggs and veggies are better than anything I could buy on the way to school. Anyway. I had this brilliant realization when I read this post and I've been eating easy eggy muggins ever since. And feeling like DUH, PDAWG, DUH.

Eggy Muggins (adapted/photo from IQS)

1. Put some chopped veggies and/or spinach in a mug.
2. Add a splash of water. Nuke for 1 min.
3. Dump out excess water.
4. Crack an egg (or two) in the mug. Scramble.
5. Nuke: 1 min for one egg, 1.5 min for 2 eggs

I can't tell if this means I am brilliant or, like, really far behind the rest of the world.

enjoying my first batch of cold brew iced coffee. We got to talking about it in Yosemite and I realized I'd never tried it. I don't have any special equipment so I made quite a mess in the kitchen when I strained the concentrate, but the iced coffee without the acid is amazeballs. I already drink a boatloat of iced coffee at home, so this feels like a level up.

happy. This past week has been full of old friends and work friends and family... lots of kid time and family time and H & E time. Getting ready for school to start again, but feeling ready, happy, settled.

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  1. Never heard of the eggy muffin idea so you can't be that far behind the rest of the world! I do, however, know how to make cookies in the microwave. Priorities!

    LOVE Henry's confession. So cute that it was weighing on him and he shared. Your response made me giggle. You are a great mom.