Sunday, July 07, 2013

Operation Wear Pants is a GO

Here's a quiz.

Tomorrow is different because:
a) I have to wear makeup.
b) I have to do my hair.
c) I have to wear pants AND shoes. At the same time.
d) I have to sit in a chair from 8:00 - 5:00 and pay attention to other humans for that entire time.
e) all of the freaking above.

Yeah. Tomorrow I have to be a real person again. I think I've only worn makeup once in the last three weeks, and the only time I brushed my hair--no joke--the only time the tines of a brush or comb ran through my hair, was in the half hour before I went to get a hair cut this week. (Otherwise, it's been piled in a super chic--unbrushed--top-knot almost since the minute I came home from Palm Springs.)

My eyelashes have been unabashedly naked. My eyebrows, unlined. It is as if they do not exist.

But tomorrow I will crawl out of my cave, rub my eyes, APPLY MASCARA, give my poor, clear brows some pigment, and enter the real world for a few days. And it's for a good reason.

#totebagswag #summerinstitute

I'll be at the AVID Summer Institute for three days.

This coming school year I get to be an AVID Teacher, something I've wanted to be for years. I've been tangentially involved with my school's AVID program since I attended the training for English teachers three years ago, and it completely changed my approach with teaching freshman English. This week I'm going to the training so I can teach the elective class. Attending the Summer Institute last time gave me some perspective and motivation at a time when I was desperately needing it. By the end of the week I had all kinds of new and practical ideas.

I'm hoping this is a similar shot in the arm. One thing I'm a little sad about, this year: there was only enough money to send me. So normally there's a team from our school. This year, just PDawg. Team Lonelypants McGee. I think it's going to be a little bit sad.

But that issue aside, I know I'm going to learn a lot. This is one of the only teaching conferences I've ever been to that actually makes sense and teaches strategies that work.

Jus' eatin' sammiches in my backyard with this guy.Now back to our regularly scheduled cat pictures.

It's been full-time cat and dog and kid hang-out over here. Please excuse the gratuitous cat feet.


I had a migraine day somewhere in the last week, too, which really also means two days were lost to migraine-esque shenanigans, because by the time I get the migraine aura and then take the meds to try to make the migraine pain not be as bad as it might be if it's coming and then lay down to deal with the migraine pain and then get up because I foolishly think oh, this isn't as bad as I thought and I should eat something, and then go back to bed when I realize oh shit, it is totally worse than I thought, I'm gonna puke, then I sleep it off and have a weird, sensory overload migrainey hangover the next day.

I think it was either heat or dehydration from the heat that did it, but with last week's heat wave, who could be sure.

So I did two days of that migraine BS. I still feel like these aren't as bad (or as frequent) as before I was taking Topamax every day, so there's that. But man, taking an anti-seizure drug is a strange thing. I thought I would get more used to it. I'm not really, but now I just know that if I wake up in an hour or two after I take it (at night), I'm not going to be able to speak that clearly and I'm going to feel kind of freaky. Good times.

But anyway, IT MAKES THE HEADACHES BETTER SOMEHOW. Thankful for that.


And look, I got my hair did. I love my stylist. Love. She can do no wrong. She asked if she could try this different beachy curls technique on my hair with her curling wand after she cut it, and I said sure (it involves wrapping the top half of the section of hair one way around a wand and then doing the bottom half the other way). End result: messy curls.

Hair did. #carselfie

Which is funny, because you know what we had at the start, the natural state of my strands? Before she blew my hair dry and then started curling it with a curling iron? Messy curls.


Being a girl takes so much effort. I am really annoyed that for most men, the standard is just "clean," while I have a craft project permanently attached to my head.


I found myself surprisingly kidless today, so after a day-date with E, I headed on down to Thrift Town to see what kinds of screamin' deals I could get on Ann Taylor and JCrew secondhand skirts and dresses and adorable cardigans. Thrift Town, as usual, did not disappoint.

I came home with 2 cardigans, 2 skirts, an adorable Banana Republic shirtdress, a pair of brand new DKNY jeans, and a purple Gap hoodie. Nothing fancy, no big brands today... but most things were $2 and look brand new, so SCORE.


I did not buy that red and white granny square vest, but isn't it a beauty?

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