Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Residency | Days 4 & 5

...I think. I'm at the point where I have no idea what day it is, and I am exhausted. Which should be about day five according to past residencies.

Monday morning was tough because it brought a graduation meeting for those of us who finish in December. Not that anything is tough about sitting in a freezing conference room and listening to a woman read her power point about how to format a thesis. But attending that felt like admitting that my time in this program is limited. All morning I acted kind of mopey and avoidey.


I tuned out for most of it. It's really pointless to think about formatting a 120 page Word document you won't finish writing for another six months. And it's all stuff that's on the web, anyway. But I did sit there and think about how lucky I was to be in that room with those rad, talented people who have shown me such grace and kindness when it comes to my work. All those people who terrified me at orientation in December of 2011 because I didn't know a single one of them. But we sat in that meeting like this big, nerdy family.


Anyway, my girl JA recorded the lecture, so I'm sure I didn't really have to listen...

I had more one-on-one meetings after the graduation thing--more of an opportunity to talk shop--first with the lovely Gina Frangello.

The rest of the morning was filled up by a lecture from Rob Roberge on structure in stories (brilliant!) and then after lunch I was being workshopped. Or, I should say that my short story was being workshopped. Not me, exactly. What is wrong with me, though, that even when it goes well it takes me about three hours to unwind myself from the ball of tension I become during that discussion? It was awesome feedback, and yet when I tried to lay down and take an uninterrupted nap (like, one of my favorite activities on the planet), I couldn't manage more than a restless toss and turn for an hour and a half. I finally gave up and went for some pizza/beer therapy.


The evening program last night was an editors' roundtable, followed by a student reading in the R Bar.


And this was a thing that happened:


Do you see, Internet, that I have had my pretty hair (as opposed to my real life, normal hair) going EVERY SINGLE DAY since I've been here? This is not a small thing. I am exhausted from the hair upkeep alone.


Anyway, Tuesday morning, more one-on-one meetings. First it was the awesome and talented Elizabeth Crane, my fiction teacher, and then Jim Gavin, a visiting short story writer. More lectures, too. Above is a really crappy photo of a really great talk from Gina and Rob about the relationship between editor and author. It was exactly my favorite kind of talk--casual and so helpful and yet it made me think about publishing in a completely new way.

In case I'm not saying it enough, I am so appreciative of every opportunity I have before me. And of all the support I'm getting. I know I have so much more growing to do in my work, but there are just so many good people here and so many things to learn from them. Gah. So grateful.



We did some morning stuff that's all a blur and then I stole this picture from Gina's Facebook page. My homegirls.

Nonfiction workshop after lunch, followed by a SERIOUS NAP OF A RESPECTABLE LENGTH. I knew if I concentrated hard enough, I could really make it happen. And in that same vein, I'm back in my room before 11:00 for the first time this week. I'm hoping to make it to bed before 1:00 AM so that I can keep myself from turning into an angry beast at breakfast.

And let's be real. Tomorrow morning I have to get up and do the whole hair thing all over again. Exhausting.

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  1. Love the photos, etc. Funny about the good hair. It does look fabulous! I haven't found the energy. Yet. Fuzzed out every day. Each morning I say this is the day. Then it isn't.