Sunday, June 09, 2013

Summer Residency | Day 3

pic by Maggie Downs

Yeah, I stole that picture from my MFA BFF Maggie's Facebook page. Not above a small crime of photo thievery. Do you see that place with your eyes? That is my school. Go click over and apply right now.

But it ain't all sitting around and looking at the sunset 'round here. In fact, I had one of those movie theater days where you spend an entire day indoors in an artificially-cooled space with no windows, and you emerge like a blinky mole at the end of the day and wonder what happened to you. I think it was over 110 degrees again today, but I genuinely don't know because I was inside the conference center from 7:00 AM until dinnertime, when my workshop was over. I wore a sweater all day while I was in class, people. In the desert. A sweater. That's how out of touch I was because I was sitting around inside a refrigerator.

But anyway. The learning. I attended a lecture this morning by faculty member Mark Haskell Smith about immersive fiction, and then I had more one-on-one meetings. Jamison Stoltz, who I saw speak yesterday, and Tod Goldberg, the director of our program. After lunch I had nonfiction workshop for three hours, and my pieces were being discussed for about half that. I'm still processing, but as always it was a beneficial process and I'm thankful for all of the careful eyes that looked over my work. I'm so lucky to be here with good writers who are great readers.


We ate dinner here at the hotel so we could attend an evening lecture: a conversation with visiting author Jim Gavin and professor Mary Otis. Just finished his book (great!) and I always love her interviews.

Going back inside again after dinner allowed my contact lenses to rehydrate and detach from my corneas, where they had fused during dinner on the patio. So that was cool.

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