Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quiet Life

Especially from 8:00-2:15 while the monkeys are at school. No sound in the house. No due dates. No essays to read. No grades due. No bullshit. No expectations. No pretending to be interested in anyone. No trying to be interesting. Just quiet.

I can't say I've been real productive this week... moving without pause from wrapping up another (teaching) school year to a big family trip to residency for grad school all within the last month finally caught up to me and I'm a big ol' sloth. There are so many things I want to do, but I feel like I'm moving through water right now. I am emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted.

Clearly I need a strict regimen of naps to combat this fatigue, and then we can resume our regularly scheduled programming.

I keep moving my green ID bracelet from residency from room to room. But I can't seem to let it go and put it in the garbage can.

Can't let go.

I did decide it was high time to do something just for me that had nothing to do with writing. Something fun and creative... but I am not ready to jump right back in to the word pool. I haven't really let myself crochet since I started my MFA because I was worried I'd never get my reading done. 'Tis not exactly the season for yarn arts, but I knew the repetitive motion of looping yarn over a hook would do me good, and it would help me to sit and process everything that's happened in the last month.

Well my reading is done, so it's YARN TIME, BEEZIES.

I know, you're like really PDawg, this is how you go crazy? It is. Yarn over and turn up.

So anyway, I'm making a blanket. This pattern, basically, which is still my favorite. It's working up pretty quickly and the little ordered rows make me happy.

Someone else, too...

Laying down stitches today instead of words. #crochet #grannycrafts #zenProgress."Helping"Untitled

I didn't let Twinkle the Cat hang out there long, but I had to make sure I shamed her before I kicked her off. She likes to be helpful. So helpful.

Kind of fun to have the free time to crochet. I am a grandma at heart. Quiet house + granny crafts = happy me.

Tonight after dinner the monkeys and I ventured as far as the corner yogurt shop to meet some friends of ours for a little dessert. I'm just fine with my entire world being within about a half mile radius of my house for a while. Just. Fine.

Yerm. #froyoUntitled

Life is small and it's great.

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