Friday, May 17, 2013

What's Left.

Not much is what's left of this school year. I think we're down to four days for my seniors and seven days for the freshmen. That's nothing, I know. So much to do between now and the end of the year, but there are things to be thankful for. I said a little prayer of thanksgiving to myself today that I've been lucky enough to stay in the same classroom so the last four years and I get to stay put again. I DO NOT miss having to pack up everything and move each year. That was a less-than-fun way to spend the first eight or so years I taught. I have a bunch of cleaning to do this year, but I'll survive.


Today was exhausting, but great. My seniors are preparing to workshop their creative writing pieces for the end of the year, and for the first time ever I'm getting to actually use things I'm doing in my MFA world in my teaching world. So that's cool. There has been a lot of tangential crossover, but it was nice to be able to say "this is what we do in my creative writing classes" and explain the process. They seem genuinely happy to write something creative rather than something for the test, and I've really wanted to give them more opportunities to do that. (Not everybody sees essay writing as creative writing, unfortunately. That's a hard-sell even to many a nerd.) I'm looking forward to seeing what they turn in next week. My freshmen presented scenes from Romeo and Juliet today, and they were awesomely clumsy and hilarious... but they got it. It's so obvious to me that they got it. Hearing Shakespeare's words come out of fifteen year olds' mouths (and knowing that the fifteen year olds didn't understand a lick of the play a few weeks ago) is just about as good as it gets, frankly. I left feeling proud of everybody today. Five for five.

But yeah, I'm beat. E tells me I need to stop saying that. He says every day is a long day, every week is a long week, blah, blah, I'm always exhausted. It's true, though. I'm doing so much. Last night Henry had his last playoff game for baseball and there's always a stack of reading on my nightstand for the ol' MFA. And we have to eat food, which seems to always need buying and cooking and cleaning up. It's all good stuff, it's just stuff. I've taken to a habit of laying on my couch to read or write during my prep period (shoes off, natch), and today after school I fell asleep in the backyard in my chair, "reading." Oopsie.

I'm just ready for summer. I'm ready for life to shrink to the size of a pinpoint. I'm ready for the longest drive I make to be from my house to my mom's. After school and residency and the end of quarters (teaching and learning) I'll start waking up every day to make a pot of coffee and sit by the window and read... and we'll swim... and I'll nap... and probably the only people I'll talk to most days will be the monkeys and E and K. And that will be fine by me, because hopefully it means I can focus on writing and only writing.

Right now I'm still having to look at too many people with my face.

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