Sunday, May 26, 2013

These Wumboes

Gah. Almost summer, and it's starting to feel like it. Four more days of The Mrs. P Show, and I get to just be Mommy and Heather again for ten whole weeks. I am so frigging tired of having to be Mrs. P.


The last few days have been prime mom/ kiddo time. Lots of QT with the monkeys. Friday was Superhero day at their school. My mom made them custom capes. How cute are these dudes? They each created their own alterego. Roo was Pajama Girl and Buddy was Mr. Mustachio. (His sidekick, Yoshi, also had a mini cape.)


You gotta love a kid who wants you to draw a mustache on his face for school. (First he brought me a black sharpie, but I thought better of it and went with liquid eyeliner.)

Our weekend plans ended up changing, and Friday night it ended up being just the three of us so I took them out for a little mommy date. We split a big ol' bacon cheeseburger and fries and then we ordered a triple ice cream sundae to share... each of us picked a flavor of ice cream and a topping.

Henry has a history of ordering the world's WORST frozen dessert creations (see his habit of mixing peanut butter with mint... ew) so I vetoed his first disgusting choice, but we ended up with a chocolate, mint chip and toasted almond sundae that was both ginormous and delicious. We owned that sucker and finished every bite.


As Addie noted: we ate more ice cream than food. Yes, daughter. That's when you know you're doing it right.

Yesterday we went on a wild goose chase around town to find the new pair of glasses Addie wanted to order. Actually, we knew right where they were, but of course they were at a place that doesn't take our insurance. Fail. And honestly, when we're double covered I'm not about to pay out of pocket and wait around for a check that might not cover the whole cost. But after three tries, we ended up at our original optometrist (why we didn't try there to begin with is beyond me) and they could special order them for us. Sigh.

No worries. We got to spend the day together, the kids got a mall trip out of it, and errbody got a corn dog. (I know. High five for the healthy eating choices, Mom.) I also got to spend the rest of my birthday cash at The Limited, which was singing a "40% off" Siren Song I couldn't resist.

They topped off their day by swimming in grandma's pool, if you can call the screaming and shivering they did "swimming." It wasn't exactly warm, but I think they're still young enough that any kind of getting wet in a body of water counts. I got to read a whole issue of The New Yorker in one day and read about a fourth of my last required book, Rebecca Solnit's Wanderlust. I remembered a little bit what it feels like to be a person.

There just aren't words for all the happies I have about the summer that's about to happen.

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