Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lazy is Too Much Work


I took the above picture just after hanging over the fence with a hose to water my veggie garden this afternoon. At this point, everything is still alive. Win. I'm kind of proud of myself for not dropping my iPhone in the mud, too.

I had big plans to veg out this afternoon. I took the pic, then sat down to write about being lazy and awesome in my backyard while enjoying the quiet and the breeze. I was all set to be deliberately useless.

But my laptop died.  So I went in the house to plug it in and drag the cord out the crack of the screen door so I could start over again and type. About how frigging relaxed I was. I opened up a new window so I could get started writing. I turned on my quiet, relaxing Pandora station. And then the internet died too.

Rather than getting up to use my legs and walk inside the house to find him like a healthy, functioning human, I called E from my cell phone to tell him (again) that we're paying too damn much for cable internet to have it cut out all the time. He agreed to call and take care of it, but any sense of concentration I had was already broken. We hung up. I thought some more about how relieved I was to be wrapping up the school year, how nice it was going to be to sit on my back porch all night with my fat cat and be a big lazy loser.

Then the phone rang. Twice. It was too loud outside to hear the calls. My sinuses also started to ache from that gentle breeze because it was agitating the same tissues as yesterday's wind... So much for outside time. I came inside.

E fixed the internet thing, or at least figured out what the problem is. But then Addie needed help with a book report, and then E had to have everybody turn off all the electronics while he got online with Comcast, and Henry wanted to roll around in the hall with me and show me his superhero cape for school tomorrow.

We grabbed some pizza for dinner--which was awesome because I didn't have to cook anything--but it took a lot of doing before we got back home.

Now I'm too tired to relax.

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