Thursday, May 30, 2013


I'm all about whatever is happening five minutes in the future right now. Don't talk to me about anything beyond that, because lalala I am not listening. At least that's what I'm all about for one more day. By this time tomorrow night I will be free, The Mrs. P Show will have shut down for summer hiatus, and I will be getting ready for Nerd Camp 2013, my residency in Palm Springs. But for today, I'm still in the space where nothing gets done unless it's on the calendar.


I had a moment today where I had to be honest with myself about the fact that probably most people don't block out chunks of time and label them "sleep" on their daily calendars. I don't know if I do this because I'm bad at math and I want to make sure I get as close to 8 hours as I can, or if I do it because it isn't likely to happen unless it's scheduled--probably both. I'm pretty sure most people don't have that penciled in. But at 34 I do realize that I'm more like a toddler than not--I need a good night's sleep and plenty of food, or I'm gonna have a tantrum. If it takes putting sleep on my calendar to make that happen, so be it.

This week is another busy one at school. The last one. Yesterday was graduation, which means getting gussied up to go stand on the ramp to the stage and say goodbye to my seniors, one by one. Tear. Of course I wasn't tryna snap pics up there or violate our district's social media policy about posting student pictures online, so here's a selfie. Ta-da.

I'm nothing if not invested in documenting the important moments in my personal eye makeup history.


I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time with this loser very soon:


Wait, I'm sorry. Did you see this?


I'm crazy for cat feet anyway, but GET OUT OF HERE. I'm going to stay home all summer and rub her paws. That's not weird, right?

And while we're speaking of weird, here's something. I was starting to pack for Palm Springs the other night and I came across a mini-bar key from my room at the hotel. I haven't had a mini-bar key since last summer (even though I've had the same room twice). Not since I figured out that the my plan to empty the mini-bar and use it as my personal fridge was foiled because the minibar was approximately the same temperature as the desert. I ended up just having them bring an actual (cold) fridge. So... that means this is a key from last June. Oopsie.  I'll be surreptitiously returning this in a few weeks.


The universe sent me a few more awesome former students this week. Right when I needed them most. And today was a hectic but lovely day of dancing and laughing with my friends at work, of saying goodbye to one of our colleagues who we adore. There are so many good things in this life, even when it's crazy.

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  1. Don't worry... You are not the only one who needs everything in a schedule. If I don't have "Sleep" or "Eat" written in my schedule, its not happening! haha