Friday, May 03, 2013


Hurley sits in judgement from his chair.

enjoying lots and lots of pet time. Hurley dog has developed this weird obsession with me. I love that he loves me, but he wants to be about three inches from me at all times, so I have this giant boxer of a shadow everywhere I go. He sits and stares at me while I write. He trails me all over the house. This would be a whole lot better if he wasn't so damn nervous all the time. But instead he's following me around, yawning because he has anxiety about following me around. He makes me a little nuts, even though he's my boy. We're quite a pair, me and my sweet derf. I spent some time with this big lady today, too:


No, that one's not mine. Just keeping her company for a few days.

thrilled about a roundabout compliment I got in class today:
I'm teaching Romeo and Juliet to freshmen right now. I used to loathe both of those things: Romeo and Juliet, and freshmen. But I've come around, and I kind of feel like teaching freshmen is my thing, and teaching Romeo and Juliet is this great way to end the year with something really hard that they end up really getting--and liking. I might not get to teach either next year, and I'm feeling a little sad about it. 
Anyway, as I told K the other day, I've been teaching the shit out of this play. No frigging child left behind. I was going to drag them through it kicking and screaming, but they were going to get it. Everyone. And nobody was going to be on a cell phone or playing with a water bottle or doodling or falling asleep because this was too important. They hated it, but they got it. And I had kids who were not my typical academic kids who were raising their hands and practically jumping out of their seats to tell me things like why Tybalt was so pissed about Romeo showing up at his uncle's house or why Romeo maybe shoulda just stuck with Rosaline. 
Anyway. So the "reward" for them getting through is that they get to watch the 1996 Baz Luhrmann movie, which of course only makes sense to them because we spent weeks upon weeks reading and listening to and discussing the actual play. I was telling them today that the movie came out when I was a senior in high school, and that I went to see it because Leonardo DiCaprio was in it. But I did not understand one word of it; I only understood his smoldering glance. (This is where I get to the compliment I got, finally...) And this girl -- not my best reader, or my strongest student -- goes "How could you not understand it? It's so simple." 
exhausted after a long week, but happy that my AP kids have their AP test next Thursday. I graded my last set of timed essays this week for them, and I have never been so happy to finish something in my life. I'm taking next year off from AP so I can finish my thesis for my MFA, so this felt like a huge weight lifted. I promptly came home and slept for two hours.

thankful for a husband who has rocked the BBQ the last two nights in a row. He was all set to take me out for my birthday yesterday, but I realized that what I wanted was some really good salmon and nobody was going to cook it as well as he could. He did not disappoint.


wondering why it never occurred to me before Thursday to kick back on my couch in my classroom and watch Star Trek on the big screen. Yes, I'm serious. Is that the nerdiest thing you've read all week? I certainly hope so. It was my birthday, I was tired, and I watched Star Trek Freaking Voyager during my break in my classroom. That's about as dorky as it gets, I think, and it was amazeballs. Yes, I know you think that's not even the good Star Trek. It was the best morning ever. I might have even fallen asleep with the TV on a little.

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