Saturday, May 04, 2013

Brag Blog: Kid Stuff This Week

It's been a good week for kid stuff, Chez P.

Henry got his first hit in a baseball game. Finally. Homeboy has been such a good team member, and such a good listener, and we have been really proud of him and how well he does everything his coach asks him to do. He loves baseball and he's having a good time, which is what matters, but we really hoped he'd get this moment sometime soon. He actually does okay at practice, but for some reason he's been so nervous at games he hasn't been able to get a hit and get on base yet in a game.

Well Monday night, he finally did it. And he was playing his best friend's team, and his best friend, Rohan was pitching to him. So this was just about as good as it could get.

I love how he starts jumping up and down on the base when he realizes he is safe.  A few times he's hit it and gotten thrown out and first and been so mad. I don't think he actually believed he'd get to stay there. You can hear E in the video, too, and the other parents on the team cheering for Henry. I'm glad everyone was pulling for him.

Addie also had her class play: Shh! We're Writing The Constitution. She was playing one of the leads, James Madison. Love that ethnicity or gender aren't taken into account at her school when it comes to choosing parts. There were all kindsa kids playing the framers.

Ad's the third one in from the left, standing on the bottom and off to the side (audio starts at 0:22):

So proud of my Roodle girl.

She had a little meltdown about this about a month ago, but you couldn't tell at all watching the play. She was confident, funny, sure of herself... wonderful. We had this big talk when the big meltdown happened about nerves, and how being nervous isn't necessarily a bad thing. I got to talk to her about my time dancing professionally, and how I was nervous to perform every single time. I think this was a good thing for her--she practiced a lot with me and with E and then she got to show off a bit in front of a big audience.  She appeared to like that part a lot. :)

The whole thing was adorable and actually a really cute way for them to learn about the different compromises that went into writing the Constitution.

Love these monkeys.

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  1. Your kids are cute!! I love the celebration at first base! :)