Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Well, hmm.

Still life.

I won't lie. I'm a little bit more than disappointed at the timing of this jury duty. My number got picked tonight. Tomorrow I'll be taking my place on the red carpet of awesomeness, waiting with all the other suckers who actually answer their jury summons.

I would like to serve on a jury at some point. Do my civic duty. For real. Just not right now. UGH. Even making sure I could be there tomorrow meant leaving stuff for a sub at the last minute, going in to school tonight to set everything up. Worrying. Knowing that I won't be at school to run things the way I want them to go. Tomorrow I'm teaching how the Hero's Journey is used in film to my freshmen, for Pete's sake. That's the kind of thing that makes teaching freshmen awesome, and I have to miss it.

I can't imagine if I actually get chosen for a jury. I can not deal with that right now. My AP kids have their test in a month.

I know, I know. I'm getting ahead of myself. Last time I spent the whole day grading and reading and I never got called out of the jury room. I got sent home at the end of the day and that was it. But last time I wasn't in grad school. My calendar wasn't the color coded Tetris game that it is right now.

Fingers crossed. I'm less than thrilled.

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