Sunday, April 07, 2013

Project Backyard Continues

As if there wasn't already enough crazy between April and June, I have been daydreaming about my vegetable garden since February, and counting down the days until April 15th. Tax day. Our wedding anniversary. And the arbitrary date I have in my head when it seems like the ground will be warm enough for veggies to survive if I plant them.

Until then, I just plan. And imagine. Yeah, a vegetable garden is totally labor-intensive, but it's the one yard-related thing I don't mind devoting that much time to. I can't wait to zen out in my tiny farm. It's dirty and time-consuming. And awesome. Checking the garden every day is a bit like checking the mail right now. When you know there's going to be something good there, it's fun. And while I'm out there looking for cukes it's not so bad to pull a week or two, get a tan in the meantime.

But anyway, it's not time for baby plants just yet. My gardening is all happening on the internet and in my imagination so far. It will be a while before it looks like this:

(last year's)

This, of course, isn't ao good for E. It means I've been dreaming up all sorts of things I want to happen on the newly covered, newly expanded back porch, or in the flower beds surrounding it. The problem is that they're all projects for him.

I want to plant flowers in the one remaining flower bed under our peach tree, but of course I need him to put in sprinklers first.

My grandpa gave us some wooden furniture that will work if I buy some new cushions, but of course I need E to power wash it, sand it, and paint it.

Never mind that on his own he's talking about wiring the cover up for ceiling fans and speakers and finishing off the underside of the patio cover before he closes the whole thing in and paints it.

Cute little secondhand set from Gpa.

I have big plans, and it's amounting to a big list of tasks for E.

About all I'm good for right now is spending money.


I've been browsing online to see what I think I want as far as patio furniture and chairs. Now we'll see if I can be patient enough to wait for Memorial Day sales like I said I would. I should. I have a May birthday, and that would make more sense than buying anything now.

This picture is from October when he finished the shingles... we have grass and shrubs now.

All work and plans and decisions aside, I'm SO happy with the backyard. I know it's going to make our backyard so much more useable this summer. It already feels like our house got bigger.

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