Thursday, April 18, 2013

Crossing Things Off the List


Today was a day of crossing things off the list. At work, at least. I take off tomorrow after school for the LA Times Festival of Books, a nerd and word-filled weekend of geeky awesomeness with my school frenz. But I wouldn't let myself go unless all of my homework was done and uploaded and I was completely caught up with my grading. That took some doing this week. I have been working like a dog.

BUT. Done and done. Eez all FINISHED.

Luckily, I pulled it off. By 4:30 I was home and ready to head over to the monkeys' school to check out Open House.

I like Open House so much better than Back to School Night. No sitting in tiny chairs, listening to teachers go over rules and state standards. Just lots and lots of art.

Henry's class is learning about dinosaurs. Listening to him talk about the latin roots for their names just about made my nerd heart melt. Roo got a bad headache right before we left, so we ended up walking around her room without her, checking out all of her good work.

You can imagine it was a good place to be. So happy my kids are so smart and creative.


And speaking of putting writing up on the wall, here's a little bit more of mine: Under the Gum Tree featured me today in their Meet the Author post. Check them out.

I can't wait to get on a plane tomorrow and have a little adventure.

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