Sunday, March 03, 2013

I miss you so much, Coca Cola.


So, um. Super wonderful miracle daily migraine medication appears to be working. I haven't had a real migraine in the (almost) two months since I've been taking it. I've had one almost migraine, but I was able to take the uh-oh, it's coming drug and go to bed and stop it in its tracks. And I had a day about a week ago that was the exact convergence of all things that make me get migrainey: hormones, lack of sleep, stress, bad food, not enough water. I felt crappy, I felt pre-migrainey all day, like my senses were turned up too high, but the headache never came.

I'll take it.

So I'm happy with this medicine I'm taking, and I have managed, for the first time in my life to actually take something regularly like a responsible human, without missing a dose. The side effects have mostly evened out and I don't feel too weird, except for one sad, sad thing:

I can't taste soda anymore.

Well, I can, but it tastes wrong.

It's like there's no bubbles. It's all flat and it's all disgusting.

I wish I would have known this was coming. I would have prepared myself by driving through McDonald's for a large Coke with extra ice for the last six months in a row. But noooooo, I had to go and try to be all healthy... I had to try to avoid soda for the last year or so and only drink it occasionally as a treat. If only I would have known.

You see, what I didn't realize (until Coke was out of my life for good) was how much I didn't mind cutting it out for long periods of time because I knew it was always there waiting for me. My bubbly, sugary special friend.

A week or so after I started taking this medicine I had a soda or two and they tasted wrong but I thought something was just wrong with the soda machine at whatever fast food restaurant I ordered from. Wasn't until I Googled some other side effect that I stumbled upon this weirdness that is a change in brain chemistry, resulting in the non-registration of the soda bubbles.

So, this is not a bad thing. I know. Duh. I mean, soda is probably the most awful thing you can consume. And it's a waste of money. I do like that it is really easy not to spend money on something that I know is going to taste horrible. But I haven't found a suitable alternative when we're out for pizza or I have to drive through someplace for a quick lunch. And I'm getting bored with water, tea, water, tea. Even water with lemons in it. Water with cucumbers in it. Yes, it's more healthy. Yes, it's cheap. But every once in a while, a girl wants a Coke, you know?

I just want to complain a little.

In the long run, if this is as bad as it gets, it's not so bad, you know? And I am happy to trade away Coke in order to be migraine free. But gee whiz I miss Coke.

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