Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter and the Reset Button


Spring Break is coming to a close--it's back to work for me tomorrow, even though the monkeys have another week off from school and E's off tomorrow for a state holiday. Easter was lovely, and long, as always (it takes us all weekend to see both sides of the family), leaving me to wish, as always, that it happened on the first weekend of the break rather than the one right before I go back. I could use a nap but it's after dinner time, and it's time to sit down and give a last minute edit to my short story that's due tomorrow.

Of course, I had all kinds of magical, happy well-intentioned goals for the break. It was only one week off, but that didn't stop me from filling my anticipated week with about a month's worth of tasks before it actually got here. I was going to grade and clean and organize and work out. And achieve inner peace. None of that happened, unfortunately. Not one bit of it. But I made it a good week of dedicated Mom-Addie-Hank time. And we did fun things. Kid things, with trampolines and cousins and candy bars and eating lunch in our backyard, not the kind of things where I sit around the house and tell them maybe or later or someday. We just got up everyday and went someplace for the day. I feel okay about letting the goal stuff go.

This was a week I needed to reset back to normal. The week before I was off work was... ooh, you know what? Let's not even speak of it. It was too insane and I can feel my blood beginning to boil as I even begin to think about it again. I needed the time at home with my two little buds. They make it so easy to remember what matters. (Spoiler alert: the answer is not work.) I never know what to tell people when they ask what are your plans for the break? because we're not going anywhere... because I know that really, truly, being home and not really going anywhere is the one thing that's going to make me feel like myself again.

So tomorrow a new quarter starts up again for grad school and I start back at the two months of teaching I have left for this school year. Two months sounds doable and completely short in terms of what's left to teach. And at the same time I want those two months to race by so I can get back down south to see my grad school friends, but I want them to crawl because this is my last real semester of classes and I'm already going into full pout about having to graduate (read: get kicked out of my MFA program, eventually). Conflict.

Easter was great. Life is good. Let's all get up tomorrow and have a great day. (Or, I should say, those of us suckers who have to go to work tomorrow should go ahead and do that. The rest of you, sleep in.)


  1. Beautiful photos, Heather. You have a lovely family.

    You've been legit for ages, but I know what you mean. I want to be legit too and I want to read your piece, so I guess I'll order the publication - which looks like a good one. So proud of you!