Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Ladies of Disneyland


After our six college tours, it was time to turn the high school kids loose on Disneyland. I wish I had felt better so I could have had more energy, but there's no such thing as a wasted trip to Disneyland for me. I love it, love it, love it, even when I feel kinda sicky. It was fun to go with my friends from school and put my Disneyland-map-in-head skills to the test. From just about any point in the park I can point you to the nearest bathroom, churro, or Mickey Pretzel. These things come in handy.

It felt like a quick trip--we had to pick and choose what we did. We had Saturday night in the park (after visits to SDSU and UCSD) and then most of Sunday. Saturday was reeeeally busy, so we didn't get on a lot of rides, but we hit the favorites and we were able to meet up with two of my former students in the park. (Color me proud, once again!) We managed to catch the tail end of the fireworks, Saturday, too. Sunday we were in the park early and it was nice and empty. By afternoon I was starting to really feel sick and run down--I had to get out of line for Soarin' because I felt a little woozy--so I sat down to enjoy another of my Disney pastimes: people watching. We finished our trip with a relaxing lunch at the Blue Bayou, and then we were back on our bus by 5:00, headed for home.

I still haven't gotten to see Cars Land, but I know I will, and hopefully by the time I finally get there the lines will have gotten a little shorter. By Sunday my cold was too bad to care, and we were running out of time when we made it over to California Adventure. Hopefully I can make it back down south soon with the monkeys. They're still begging for another trip down there since Henry was so sick on our vacation this summer and we were there days before the Cars Land opening.

I couldn't be more thankful for the group of teachers I got to travel with. Four smart, hilarious, amazing ladies that I respect so much.  Totally easy travel companions. All five of us roomed together and it was a blast. Like a three night slumber party. We kept each other giggling at night, playing "would you rather...?" and gossiping like teenagers. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

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