Sunday, February 03, 2013

Quadratic Mondays

This keeps happening to me:

I'll be dreaming a conversation--something inane--and a person in my dream will say something, and I (me-as-narrator, not me-as-a-dream-character) will think wow, that right there, that is AMAZING language... I need to remember that phrase for when I wake up because that is something I need to put in a story... but then I wake up and realize whatever it is that I thought was brilliant makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.

Case in point: early the other morning, someone in my dream said "Quadratic Mondays" and I was sure (in my sleep) that it was the most brilliant thing I'd ever accidentally imagined. Then I woke up and realized that Quadratic Mondays is not only not a thing, but it's also not awesome.


Anyhoo, I think I've had a bad case of the Quadratic Mondays that lasted this whole week. Actually, I had the I want to lay in bed because I have cramp-s, which doesn't have quite the same ring to it. I didn't do much last week except work and come home and lay in my bed. My new medicine makes me not want to eat dinner, either, so I didn't even have my ordinary drive for food to pull me into the kitchen. I was a lump.

One night--I kid you not--the kids actually put themselves to bed.


So I spent yesterday digging myself out from a week worth of piles. Literally everything I had touched in the last week was piled on top of some surface in our house or my car. I realized I had a problem when I ran errands all morning Saturday and I had no space to put groceries in my SUV. Since my SUV should basically be a full-time grocery porting device, something wasn't right.

I cleaned out the car.
I cleaned out the fridge.
I cleaned up the kitchen.
I cleaned up the bathroom.

I even started packing for a school trip I'm taking this week. I fixed the covers on my bed that had gotten all un-tucky and saggy down at the bottom of the bed. (Hate.) I slept much better with everything reset back to normal.

And then today I could tackle things that have to do with being a member of society, like taking a walk in the outdoors, and helping Addie do science.

SCIENCE, people.


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