Tuesday, February 12, 2013

College Visits | UC Riverside, San Diego State & UC San Diego

After getting soaked at Pomona, we headed over to UC Riverside to get almost drowned in a downpour.

I've been to Riverside many a time with our school's Mock Trial team, and I am officially a student of UC Riverside through my MFA program, which runs out of the Palm Desert Campus. But I have never been to the main campus. I was excited to see it.

Even though it was raining, and freezing, and RAINING SO HARD, I loved it. I'm sure there's a slight bias here, but I was definitely surprised and impressed by this school. Riverside the city isn't anything to write home about, but the university was quite nice. Even though I have been completely impressed beyond belief by my program itself, it's easy to think of it in a void. I think since I do most of my work online (which feels kind of strange and also--at times--completely frustrating because of the stupid program we use) and then I go to residency at a fancy schmancy hotel twice a year for my classes (which feels too good to be true) I didn't have the official college feeling about being in grad school. I think it was good to walk on the campus and feel like I'm sending my money to a legitimate place. I will admit to being a little bit giddy.

Also, do you know UCR invented Cuties? You're welcome, America.

UC Riverside | Clock TowerUC RiversideUC RiversideUC Riversideucr_collageUC RiversideUC Riverside | Tourucr_collage2

After UCR, we headed down to La Jolla to check into our next hotel. Our shower was awesomely poop-free, and our hotel was across from a mall where we could let the kiddos shop and find something to eat for dinner. Everyone was back and tucked into bed by a decent hour.

Saturday we visited San Diego State University first. It was the only school that we saw that disappointed me a bit. I think this was probably because it was all but deserted. They don't offer tours on Saturdays, so we pretty much had to just roam around on our own. I loved the Spanish architecture and the Love Library, but there wasn't much else to see here, unfortunately. It's too bad, because from what I hear, SDSU is a pretty lively school.

San Diego StateSan Diego State | The Love LibrarySan Diego Statesdsu_collage

Our final college was probably one of my favorites, UC San Diego. It was such a nice mix of nature and modern architecture. Even though it was Saturday, things were happening. Our tour was kind of lame--we didn't get to see a lot of the huge campus--but what we did see was great and I could tell that the philosophy of the school was great. I'd love to learn more about it, actually, so I can help kids apply.

Very comfortable, very beautiful place to be. I loved it here. This was another place I could see my monkeys being happy.

UC San DiegoUC San Diego | Library WalkUC San Diegosdsu_collage2.jpgUC San Diego | SelfieUC San DiegoUC San DiegoUC San Diego

Thoughts about all of these college visits:

  • It makes me a better high school teacher to go see as many schools as I can.
  • It will help me so much as a parent to see as many schools as I can -- it won't be long until we're doing this for Miss Roo and Hanko.
  • California has so much to offer in terms of different colleges. 
  • I love college bookstores.
  • There are no bad decisions when it comes to choosing a school.
  • God bless my good tennis shoes.

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  1. Thats so awesome that these students get to visit all of these colleges before applying! I would have loved to do this!