Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today, I

Today I forgot to make lunches.
Today I ran late even though I had plenty of time.
Today I cleaned out the cat box before work. Or was that yesterday? It's all blending.
Today I wore colors that didn't match, tried to act like they all "went" and figured I'd hold it all together with confidence.
Today I curled my hair for the third day in a row because nothing gives me confidence like "cool girl" hair.
Today I hit five pounds lost, since Christmas.
Today I was lucky not to be one of the teachers who slipped on the icy walkways and fell.
Today I was ignored by my difficult students.
Today I taught lessons that were spot on.
Today I didn't let kids get away with playing stupid.
Today I taught a really bad poem, but I taught the shit out of it.
Today I drank a green monster for breakfast and ate beef and kale for lunch.
Today I decided not to go to the gym, because I can't be everything in 24 hours.
Today I was hungry all day.
Today I rocked my fourth or fifth scarf, and promptly declared it scarf week.
Today I played Sweet Brown only twice.
Today I took good care of my skin.
Today I had to have a talk with Henry about actually turning in the homework he completes.
Today I started to drive to the store, but happily drove home when K talked me out of it.
Today I cooked a turkey breast for dinner.
Today I rescheduled a dentist appointment from the second day I migrained out last week.
Today I wrote with good pens, but I still didn't manage to finish grading the Hamlet essays.
Today I went to two meetings. Ick.
Today I made the cat climb the ladder to Addie's loft bed three times.
Today I took my vitamins.
Today I thought about people in Texas.
Today I had two long phone conversations.
Today I did my makeup in the car in front of my mom's house and I took my makeup off with cold cream in the bathroom.
Today I forgot it was Thursday.
Today I wanted change.
Today I was happy to be noticed.
Today I missed my buddies.
Today I did not nap.

Something I wish I was better at: messy-cute tying my scarves.

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