Sunday, January 06, 2013

These crazy monkeys.


Grandma gave Miss Addie Roo the game Hedbanz for Christmas, and the kids have been playing it nonstop all week. This morning they roped me and E into it, too... it got pretty goofy. Basically it's just 20 Questions... or that game you play where you stick a post-it on your forehead and have to guess what it says asking only yes or no questions. But they took great pride in selecting cards for each of us.

Henry's card said "I am a mouse." It took him the entire game just to guess that one thing. Finally we ended up having to feed him questions... he'd guessed just about every other rodent possible.

I'm not a fan of games, in general, but the monkeys love them so much that it's enough to make me want to put on my happy pants and play along. These monkeys are always so happy to do goofy things with us.

They laughed so much this morning.

What a good vacation.

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  1. They play this game in Inglorious Bastards. It ends in a bloody mess, so the comparisons stop there.

    Hey old friend -– how the hey are you?!?!

    Your kids are getting HUGE.