Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jour Cinq.

Or is it cinq jour? Who cares.


Morning comes early at residency.Stubbed my toe on the patio when I was stepping out to look at the golf course. This place sucks.Breakfast on the patio.Ladies and gentlemen, PDawg and Maggie Downs.Little bit of down time this morning. Weather terrible.UntitledI got mail! Care package from the hubs. <3Rancho las Christmas TreeUntitledUntitledUntitledIn for the night.

I feel like I took a lot of pictures today, but not of anything important. Well, not of anything academic that was important. This morning I went to a close-read of Justin Torres' We The Animals by Betsy Crane and it was just about perfect. This and past residencies have shown me that close-reading exactly the kind of thing that lights my little nerd fire. We talked about one paragraph for 45 minutes! Swoon.

Breakfast and lunch were on the patio to make room for a huge even that was indoors... the change was really nice, actually. (Not that anyone is surprised that I'm happy to be outside in this glorious sunshine in December.) Nothing like a meal with a view. After lunch my nonfiction piece was workshopped, and it went amazingly well. I need to make a few minor changes and I think it's ready to be sent out. I got really good feedback from my group again, and I feel completely satisfied with the work other people put into trying to make my piece better. So supportive, this place.

Anyway, after all the learnin', I gobbled up some sushi with the homies... but all that was wrapped up by 10:00 and I was back in my room. Gotta rest up for tomorrow, which is completely full again.

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