Saturday, December 08, 2012

Day Two: Wherein I am both workshopped and use workshop as a verb.

So, I am officially taking pictures of what I wear so I can avoid that whole repeat of my favorite shirt at rez thing I've been doing. Oh, and I used my phone to try to figure out if this shirt made me look fat. So, yeah.


I felt like it kind of did but I went with it anyway.

GAH, today was busy. I need to blog fast, because I am super-dee-duper tired.

Breakfast, then orientation this morning. Once again I am thankful I am not new. But good times, and so, so so so CAPITAL S-O weird that there are so few people left in the program who started before me and my cohort. I can't get over the feeling that there are a lot of people missing. They all done graduated. It's weird.

After orientation I attended a lecture on World Building (actually, lower case world building). Did you know it's a thing? It is. Charles Yu was speaking and he was charming even though that's not really my cup of non-science fiction or fantasy tea. I enjoyed it. A nice start to the week. Then lunch.


I actually requested an early spot this time in my genre class so I wouldn't agonize over it all week. On the way out to the room I stopped to admire the mountains that surround the resort. Amazingly beautiful.


Workshop was great. I got so many helpful notes and such good feedback. (Good like constructive, not good like I think I'm awesome like some conceited asshat.) It still continues to amaze me to this day to hear people speak of my writing like it's real writing, like my stories are real stories. It's kind of awesome, actually. I'm not over that yet. And especially when you're hearing people you really respect speak about your stuff like it's real stuff... that's pretty cool. Especially when those people want to help you to be a better writer.

BUT WHATEVER I'M SO GLAD IT'S OVER, TOO. Out of the way. One down.

(It makes me SO tired to sit and do my "I'm concentrating on your critique without taking it too hard or ignoring anything you're saying" face for an hour and a half while my stuff gets discussed. SO tired.)


I need to remember to take more pictures with humans in them.

After workshop, I had a nice little quiet fire moment, then dinner out with my amazing mentee and some wider-scale hanging out in my hotel room with the nerd friends. Just a little, though. I kicked everyone out early so I could do my homework for nonfiction tomorrow... and get to bed before 9:30.

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