Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 4 in photos


Lectures this morning from Rattling Wall founder and editor Michelle Myering, and big time famous author Ben Loory.

Long day again, but I managed a little solo patio time at lunch to finish up my notes on Avner Mandelman's Pity, which I was going to be leading a discussion on in workshop. And I had a lovely impromptu chat with my poetry prof at lunch, too. (She was recently engaged and is the only UC employee to be recently awarded a NEA fellowship.)

Then, workshop. Which I love. Then a grad lecture from my classmate. Which was awesome. Capped off the night with washing some laundry in my bathtub and watching movies on my laptop. (I know how to have a good time, is all I'm saying...)

I love my school. But. I miss my kiddos. I miss E. I miss home a teensy bit today.

Sweat pants, movies, and an early bedtime? You betcha.

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