Thursday, December 27, 2012


Listening to the quiet. The kids got put back on time limits for electronics today, and we've had a video game, TV, and computer game-free afternoon. Left to their own devices, both monkeys retreated to their rooms to read. Twinkle found my afghan on the couch and is keeping my feet warm.

Working on a few papers for next quarter. I always think I'm going to have a real break when I'm off in between classes, but the truth is that my first due date is January 7th-ish, and I need to have three book reviews and 35 pages of creative work ready to turn in. Since I am (still) way ahead on my reading, I figured I better start actually writing some of this stuff so I can focus on new creative work in the next week or so.

Feeling guilty about how overdue my library books are. But hopefully I can make it to the library on the way to the dentist tomorrow. That was the other reason I needed to work on papers today... had to get quotes written down so I could take the books back.

Excited that Downton Abbey is back in early January. Related: really angry that I read a headline the other day that had a HUGE spoiler in it. Thanks a lot, Internet. On a completely different note, I'm also eagerly anticipating the return of Hank Moody in Californication.

Looking forward to a rousing game of Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly with Addie tonight.

Reading: Gone Girl. Still listening to the audio book... I'm about half way through and even though I'm mad at just about everyone in the book and the author, I'm hooked. I also just finished The Myth of Solid Ground and it was very good. I feel lucky when I get to lay in bed in my cozy pants and finish a book over a few days.

Enjoying the smell of a whole chicken as it cooks in my Crock Pot. No reason at all that I needed to cook it today, other than the fact that it was going to go bad if I didn't. The house feels more like a home when something's slow-cooking in wine, though. Always.

Annoyed with the dog, who won't stop whining like a little baby when he's outside. Boxers aren't so good in the cold. (Hence the fact that he's back inside now, curled up on the Santa rug.)

Incredibly happy that our Christmas gifts are put away. I'm having a much better day than I would be if I was sitting in the middle of a bunch of boxes. Hopefully this weekend we can do the tree and then next week I won't worry about any of it, just the 100 Hamlet essays I need to grade.

Enamored with my kids, my husband, my pets, and my house. I love my peaceful real life and the fact that my job allows me to be home to enjoy it twice a year. Five performances a day of The Mrs. P Show can grate on my nerves and sap my energy, but it's worth it when I get a break and I get to be home to just be Mom for a week or two. Life is good.

Cozy.Sneaky cat is on my bed. At least she matches the quilt. #cookiestackhouseWas working on my paper this morning on #TheFaultInOurStars and found this. Wish more people talked about it. #authorsnote #fiction

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