Tuesday, November 06, 2012



How have I not written about voting ever before? I love voting. I especially double-dog loved it this morning when I voted at my new polling place, this adorable retirement home near my house. (This was after waiting in line at the old place--the fire station--to discover that it changed and I didn't notice. Oopsie. But no matter--I got to see firemen and old people and do my civic duty and I still wasn't late to work.) The seniors were just trickling in to the dining hall to eat breakfast as I arrived and there was a homey, warm feeling in the air. The volunteers thanked me for voting and shepherded an 18-year old first-timer through the whole process. Everyone was Disney cute. It smelled like pancakes.

I do wish I'd gotten to use the voting machines I remembered from my childhood--the ones I watched my mom use to punch holes in cards and flip through ballot measures. In this post hanging-chad era, that's gone. But even bubbling in my scantron-y pages I get all puffed up with pride about being American. About getting a choice. About having the right to vote.

Cue West Wing theme song.

Voting makes me feel like a real adult the same way cutting up a whole chicken or hugging my crying kid makes me feel like a real mom.

As budget cuts start to impact schools more and more and our future hangs on the results of how people vote on California's propositions, I've gotten increasingly worked up about this whole process. I'm going to try hard today not to sit and watch the results because I know we won't know how it all shakes out probably until tomorrow, or even later. Patience is not my forte. Over the past five or six years it has been a difficult time to be a public school teacher in California. I'm nervous.

But regardless of what happens today, I'm happy I get to be a part of it. GO VOTE!

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