Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another break that wasn't.

What is the point in one's life when you can stop hoping for something to work out and just accept that it's just not going to happen? Because I think I'm there. Maybe that point is when you're 33ish years old and it's the Sunday before you go back to work after Thanksgiving. Maybe that point is TODAY.

I should know better than to hope for a Thanksgiving holiday that's anything break-like at all. Truth be told, the last two years most of my days off were furlough days, which is a bit different in terms of how I think of it (if my pay is docked for time off, it just feels less awesome to me), but this makes three years in a row when I am knocked down by illness (or in the case of the last two years--the same tooth). So let's pause a minute and give thanks that I didn't have to go in for some kind of macabre annual root canal drama, but seriously. I should know better than to expect my break to be a real break.

As in fun. As in vacation.

The thing is that this year I even did all the appropriate prep work. I had a chart! With colors! I made sure my grading was 100% up to date before the week off. Who does that? Answer? Nobody does, dude. Everybody else I know was bringing home stacks of papers but I was all la ti dah, I don't have to do anything this week because I was a beast and did it all on my prep and last weekend so I'd be free. Not so. Not. So. Stupid, stupid.

I have kind of shitty Thanksgiving luck, it would seem.

The only thing I had to do over the break was some creative writing.. it was going to be CREATIVE! Yay! That's not work, right? Especially if you (as I did) know exactly what you want to write about and you are super inspired. With your jazzy jazz hands. Well it's not so magical if you're death slightly warmed over and you sit at your computer for hours at a time and barely type more than "the." It was less TYPE ALL THE THINGS and more oh my gawd, I've only finished four pages??


So here we are, Sunday night, I've been off for a week and the only thing I have to show for it is one healthy day, ONE day of fun. I had a great day today: baked a little asparagus tart, had a little Sunday walk, enjoyed a little crafty fun time with some friends. I feel completely healthy, rested, and ready to enjoy a week off. Just in time to go back to work. Ta-da.

Oh well. If I remind myself a lot how grateful I am that I didn't have to burn through five sick days to be this big of a snotball, maybe it will start to seem more awesome that I have to work tomorrow?


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