Thursday, October 25, 2012

Whoa, Bunny.

Well, we almost had another Lucky Puppy situation on our hands. Only this time, it was someone else's kid and I can't take that kind of guilt. The weeks that Lucky Puppy was missing were crippling. (For me, not for Henry.) No kid is going to lose her special stuffed animal on my watch. At least not for good.

My friend Karin and I have been walking in the park on our prep and today we took another friend's daughter with us in her stroller--she was at school with Daddy today, so we borrowed her to keep her busy looking at ducks.  All was well until we made it almost all the way back to school and realized we didn't have Bunny with us anymore. I ended up sprinting back to the lake (because at this point we were going to be late to class if I didn't hustle). There Bunny was, face down on the sidewalk in the leaves. Poor Bunny. But seriously, THANK GOD we found her (him? it? I'm fuzzy on the details of Bunny's back story...) or I would have felt like the worst one-hour babysitter, ever.


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