Monday, October 15, 2012

Thor, Zeus, and Mushu

I'm not sleeping well.

Something's off, and either I'm having nightmares that I'm lost on the subway in New York with no shoes or E is talking in his sleep and waking me up because he's taking apart imaginary transmissions full of rats. It seems like when I'm sleeping well he's not, and vice versa. Sleep is my favorite place to be, and it's not happening so well. Most nights I'm falling asleep only to wake up an hour or two later, and then if I make it through the night I can't wake up on time. I've been an early riser for the past few years, so I don't know what's up. I just hope it goes away soon.


E was gone the other night and I told the monkeys we were having a sleepover in my room--a movie night, and I was picking the movie (because I cannot--NOT--watch another episode of Spongebob or Phineas and Ferb), and darn it, we were going to watch The Little Mermaid. But of course we couldn't find the Little Mermaid. So I made them watch Hercules. And it was awesome.

Me: That's Mount Olympus, where the gods lived.

Henry: Why does that guy, Zeus, have lightning? I thought Thor was the lightning god.

Me: Well, Zeus was in Greek Mythology... Thor was in Norse Myth...

Henry: Like, Vikings and stuff? Like How to Train Your Dragon?

And so on, from there. A nighttime lesson on two of Mommy's favorite things: Disney movies and mythology.

We didn't sleep much, but Henry sure thought Hades' hair was funny.

Movie night in my bed with the monkeys!Disney movie marathon continues while our blondies bake...

Sunday we watched Mulan. Making our way through the good ones...

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