Friday, October 26, 2012

This guy.


His tantrum was spectacular, but it was short lived. Apparently he's been saving it all for me at home, because his teacher basically said in his parent-teacher conference the other day that she wants to adopt him. I always feel guilty when people ask (as she did) what we do that makes our kids so good. The truth is this: not much. I pretty much just drive them around and put food out for them a few times of day. They're so easy now. They kind of just don't do anything bad. (Though I'm still laughing at H telling me "poo for you!" the other day. My kids don't even know how to be disgusting or awful.)

Buddy Boy was up for a bunch of academic awards yesterday at school and he cleaned up. Allow me to get even more mom-braggy for a minute: four awards in one ceremony. A new family record.

I'm glad our kids are smarties, but I'm even happier every time I hear that they're acting the way we want them to in class. There was a time when I worried about Henry's ability to master things like eye contact with adults and HOLDING STILL FOR GOD'S SAKE. When I heard in his conference that he pays really good attention and is always focused in class, I about jumped up and down. He may be climbing the walls at home (literally) but at least he's being a good kid in second grade.


I asked Henry's teacher if he gets in trouble for talking to his best buddy, Rohan, in class. She said he doesn't even sit by him when he has the opportunity to choose his seat. I love this picture E snapped of them at the awards assembly. Best buds. You don't mess with the Rohan.

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