Monday, October 29, 2012

Climbing the walls

I can't get him to stop. I guess he's exercising, at least...


Took my girl for a walk yesterday. I was missing my Sunday walk with K, so I talked Roo into a walk to Starbucks with me.

Ever since our big Girls' Day she's been WAY more chatty and she has really opened up to me. We spent most of the walk talking about school and friends and my old jobs. It was lovely.


Addie: I have a hard time picking out books when I go to the library.

Me: Me too. Sometimes it's overwhelming. That's why I usually try to keep a list, that way I know what to look for.

Addie: I mean, they don't really have a lot of books for me at the school library anyway.

Me: Like, too easy?

Addie: Well yeah. But you know, they mostly have little kid books and then everything else is expository texts.

Me: *fist bump* Way to use the terminology, kid.


Me: This week is busy, anyway, so I want to be lazy today.

Addie: Halloween is this week! I'm so excited.

Me: Yup. And Thursday night I'm seeing a play with my English teacher friends. One of Shakespeare's plays--one that I teach all the time, so I'm really excited. It's called Hamlet.

Addie: Is it about pigs? Because I'd totally see that play.

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