Thursday, October 04, 2012

At home with beasts.

Look out. Crazy Cat/Dog Lady Post.

Someone knows he isn't supposed to be on the couch... He wants to sleep but he's watching me to see if I'm gonna kick him off. #baddogHurley Dog. All day.All the animals were so happy I was home today. Total confidence-booster, even if they're all sycophants.Standoff.

I had a release day today to write a report, so I planted myself on the couch from about 8:00 AM, on. I had a pot of coffee going and I made up my mind not to move until I got everything done.

Not only was I super productive, I took a crapload of pictures of my dog and cats. Always a good time.

I also had lunch today with my Grandpa so I could ask him about a writing project idea I have. He's always telling me family stories and he wants to have me write the family history (which seems too daunting all in one dose), but I would like to get started looking at his research and reading what he's written so I can start to focus on one person's story at a time. Grandpa was pleased and we had a good lunch. And he told me he doesn't like my yellow nail polish... but strangely that didn't sound awful, coming from him. It just made me smile. I wouldn't really expect him to like my yellow nail polish.

Gpa also had some ideas for the hedge I want to plant in our backyard, so it was a doubly good lunch.

Tomorrow's the homecoming football game at our school and I have to go because I thought signing up to work it would be a good idea. Why? I don't exactly know. But once again it's football time.

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