Sunday, September 02, 2012



Did some damage at Costco. I'm kind of proud and kind of horrified.In keeping with the theme. More damage a Target. Small but mighty. Onward to Winco...BOOM. Last one, Winco.
All in one night.
But thank the sweet lil' baby Jesus, our cupboards (and freezer) are restocked.


Not gonna lie. My homemade strawberry jam is kind of amazing.One last day of sun...UntitledUntitled
Homemade strawberry jam on sourdough.
Catching some September sun.
Buddy Bear.

Dude. What a weekend. Yesterday not only did I have Addie/Mom day, but I decided I wanted to knock the big shopping for the month off of my plate. The kids were spending the night at Tata's (my sister Lis') house and I figured I needed to strike while that iron was hot. The iron of child-free shopping, that is. I was in and out of my big three in about three hours, which is not too shabby. I won't tell you what my average hourly spending rate was. Good thing I don't shop like that more than once a blue moon. Get it? And I get bonus points for getting out of Winco before it got too meth-y.

Anyway. Today was easy peasy. Quiet time with m' toast and coffee, then swimming most of the afternoon with the kiddos. Though the pool was 88 degrees (heaven!) it just didn't feel like summer anymore. The sun was lower in the sky and even though it was hot, it felt fall-ish. Darn it.

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