Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where's the reset button?

Morning came too early. I still didn't make it to the meeting on time.

Too early. :( #window #glowing #curtain #workdayDepartment meeting. Good times.

Some days you wake up and skip out the door and take the world by storm.

And some days you roll out of bed after hitting snooze three times, rebraid your hair twice, slap on some makeup, zip up your too-tight pants, choke down some breakfast, and drag your butt out the door.  Sometimes you wander into arguments you know you shouldn't get into, and sometimes you slog your way through the process of starting to change over all of your carefully organized, (now outdated) California State Standard-aligned lesson plans to make them Common Core State Standard-aligned lesson plans, even though you have a migraine. Sometimes you're just thankful you don't throw up during the meeting, or that you didn't burst into tears until you were safely out of the parking lot.


Thank you, Lord, for kids and cats.

I'll start all over tomorrow.

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