Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The two halves.

Break time. Well, grading time. At least I have a couch and a coffee table...Tomate.

high heels/tomatoes

The two halves are coming more and more into comfortable coexistence. We're not yet at any kind of zen, but there were happy moments in my schedule today when I realized I had time enough to pee, to make copies, and to daydream during my prep period. Yep, daydream and grade summer work. And eat banana bread. But that kind of space is nice, whether I spend it reading about 18th and 19th century British novels or not. And the banana bread helps.

And like an omen from the God of Obvious Things, just as I start to feel like my work life is getting under control, the weeds are overtaking my backyard garden. Bless my little tomatoes, though, for growing right in the middle of the weed-choked, over-watered (we discovered the valve broke on the sprinklers) plot of poorly-tended land. For showing me that finding a place in the sun is possible, even in the chaos and muck.

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