Saturday, August 25, 2012

MerylThon 2012

I've been on a Meryl Streep kick for the past few weeks, filling in the gaps of my viewing of her entire filmography, and re-watching a few movies I've seen before as they're aired. In the past three-ish weeks, I've watched:

The Deer Hunter
The Devil Wears Prada
Kramer vs Kramer
The House of the Spirits
Death Becomes Her
Hope Springs
The Hours
Angels in America
The River Wild
Postcards from the Edge
The Iron Lady
It's Complicated
Music of the Heart

There are lots of other wonderful Meryl movies I've already seen, many much better, too. The above are just the ones I've seen in the past three weeks.

Every once in a while I'll get on a tear like this. I like having a list of recommendations to work from, and some of the best things I've ever seen have been as a result of working off a list from K. A few years ago it was '60s hunks: McQueen, Newman, Redford, etc. Then it was tearjerkers. This time I just set my DVR to autorecord anything with Meryl Streep and I supplemented with Netflix and worked my way down the list, making sure to watch anything I hadn't seen before.

I like having something to watch that's so NOT about whatever's happening right now. I'll watch my drivel on TV, but it's nice at the end of the night to shut the lights off and turn off the computer and get absorbed in something completely different than the usual nothing. There's so much I don't know about in film and TV because it came before me or I was too busy being oblivious to notice it. I feel like I could spend a lifetime watching movies and still never be caught up, entirely. Anyhoo... still workin' on my film literacy. (Is there a term for that? I should know it. I want to be well-read and well-viewed.)

They weren't all winners these past few weeks, obviously. But the good thing about MS is you get a good performance even if it's in a silly movie. But... favorites from this list were The Hours (which I saw before, but this was the first time watching it after reading the book, which changed and improved the experience of the film for me), Angels in America (HBO series, so well done... just. wow.), Adaptation (though it was weird, I liked it as metafiction), The River Wild for good, predictable American movie fun, and the cheeseball Music of the Heart, for making me cry at the end and for being one of those teachers-make-a-difference movies. The Deer Hunter was good, but so intense I don't think I can ever watch it again. Nor should I have watched it before bed last weekend. Lesson learned. Nightmare city.

I still have a few Meryl flicks left, but mostly I've seen everything I want (or in the case of Sophie's Choice, which I am emotionally stable enough) to watch at the moment. Tonight we were trying to come up with my next viewing list... thinking maybe Best Picture winners? Or nominees? That's my next mindless Netflix project... to look for the next thing.

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