Thursday, August 09, 2012

Home Stretch

"look at our Mowhawks, Auntie Heather!"
Monkeys and mohawks.

This week is racing by too fast. I'm sad this summer is done. It's been good, but as always I've relaxed too much into my real life and my cozy little world. Tuesday I watched my three nephews and the six of us spent the entire day swimming and lounging around at my mom's house. It was tiring (those guys are crrrazy) but it was heaven.

Testing the raft weight limit.

Today I was determined to de-stress a little bit. I've been having the back to school dreams (even though my entire room is ready and my prep work is done) and last night I felt the subtle undertones of maybe-anxiety beginning to nip at me. I had both kids spend the morning helping me clean out their dressers and closets. I love that we have such big, generous families and they get a lot of clothes. But the problem is that the turnover is too quick and they often don't get rid of things that don't fit. We end up fighting a lot in the morning before school, and honestly they don't have anywhere to put the clean clothes because the too-small clothes are all stuffed in the dresser. So anyway. We bagged up EIGHT bags of clothes, shoes, sheets and towels (I did the linen closets last because I couldn't stop) and now everybody's booty and stomach are going to be covered when they get dressed for school. I HOPE.

I tossed out a pair of shorts that were in Addie's dresser that were size 4T. THAT STANDS FOR 4 TODDLER. She is nine years old. Yeah, it was time.

I'll admit that I feel much less stressed since we dumped a bunch of stuff we didn't need. I feel like I did a really good edit on our life today.

Closets, purged. EIGHT BAGS. Hopefully no more arguments with the kids about clothes being too small for school.
A giant pile of awesome.

Still walking. I'm going to say it here as much as possible so I don't feel like I can quit. The plan is to run again tomorrow morning. I'm much more sore than I anticipated from Monday's run. I guess that's what happens when you don't run for months and months--even a teensie one will get ya. Duh. Baby steps, though. Right now I'm trying to keep stepping out the door so I remember how much I enjoy the time outside and the time with m'Hurley Dog.

Sunset walk.Every night he tries this a half mile from home. #lazy

It's too bad that nothing wonderful can last forever. But I guess I'm glad it comes to an end so I can appreciate it.

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  1. I love that picture of the five kids! Thanks again for watching them. They had a great time and were VERY tired, so early to bed! Enjoy your last few days!