Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Days


Buddies, yesterday for their first day.

Sunset walk with Hurley before mine.

Me, photos by Roo.

Awesome care package from ML. Made me feel loved!

The view.

We made it through the firsts, successfully. The kids settled in like it was nothing and yet came home today (day two) reporting things were "much better," whatever that means. They're both enjoying their relative lack of homework thus far and both slept soundly last night, the sleep of the school-weary. I cuddled with them on my bed when I got home today and we went through the daily highs and lows. So much drama in Elementary school! Right now, as we're still re-learning them, the routines are big enough to fill our days. I'm exhausted thinking about making dinner.

My first day with students was today and--another first--though this was my eleventh start, it was the first time I wasn't nervous. At all. I think the pre-service days had the effect of making me so impatient to start that I just wanted to move forward.  I had no trouble sleeping last night and I was glad to see the kids. They were charming. I always look back on this week and it's so funny how I have no idea what the personalities are that sit in front of me. It's strange to think of how well I'll know them by May. The worst thing about the first week of school is how nobody knows each other yet. I wish we could fast forward to the time when it's comfortable. But as first days go, this one was peaceful. There were no surprises, unless we're counting the mom who flipped me off, wagged her finger (and cut me off) as I exited the parking lot. Oh school. You never disappoint.

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