Saturday, August 04, 2012

August 4

So. I keep this in my purse.

Advice from my poetry professor, given (folded up Junior high-style) on the last night of residency in June:


In true, head-screwed-on-straight form, I've been trying to figure out how to screw my head on crooked all summer. Pretty sure that's not how it's done, though.

Anyway. Before I head out to take Hurley for our 5th walk this week (hear that? It's my OWN HORN.), some thoughts on Zen Time/ summer 2012 as it slips through my fingers.

Any week when we swim five straight days, there are abundant ripe fruits to eat, and I manage to cook dinner at home for the entire week is a good week. So by that standard, the last week was zen enough, if not perfect. (Bonus points for noticing that I eat most of my meals from kids' dishes... I love those old, square Tupperware plates with the curling-up rim.)

Favorite fruit for lunch dessert and Cornbread/Bean dinner

If there's one thing I'm disappointed about this summer, it's the fact that Addie has all but refused to read for this whole vacation. I think she read one library book because I pretty much made her, but she's stalled out at Harry Potter #4. Weird, because she seemed to be into reading as the school year was ending. I'm wondering if the huge amount of stress she had on her last year in 4th grade (no, really) to read and run and spend hours on academics every night has made her want to just rest all summer. That's what I'm hoping, anyway... maybe once school starts she'll get back into it. I'm trying not to make this be about anything and let her have some time off... (but you know it kills me a little inside that she's so anti-reading right now!)

Buddy boy continues to show more and more courage in the pool, climbing walls, everything. That boy is fearless. Two weeks ago he wasn't diving and now he's running and throwing himself upside down into the pool. We had to have a serious talk about neck injuries since he wasn't listening to my pleas to please not dive anywhere near the step in the deep end... and he had a little head-into-step mishap. I think he gets it now. He is excited for second grade and doesn't seem to really be bothered by the fact that school is about to start. I love that he's so happy in any situation. A true go-with-the-flow dude.

I am ready for school except for making copies, which should take about half of a day. Lesson plans are done for the entire first semester. I'm thinking I'm going to go in and do my copying this week instead of waiting until next week when God and everybody are trying to make copies during pre-service. It's funny that the "nesting" part of the year is most important to me. I feel like if my room is set up, everything will be okay no matter what. I guess I have had enough experience with making copies on the fly and I know I have everything I need in my room. Anyway. Since we're about to commence with the week before school starts, I am fully prepared to commence with being nervous for a week, like always. I already had my first back-to-school dream.

I know my days of freedom/ summer vacation are numbered. But I'm excited about time passing, too, because it means I'm that much closer to heading back down south to see my nerd friends in Palm Springs. And this week I HAVE TO--repeat, HAVE TO--get my papers written for all the books I read this summer so that's completely off my plate for Fall Quarter. I solemnly swear I will do it.

The end.

:( / :)

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